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Don't fall at the last hurdle!

How many times have you filled out a contact form via a website for more information, or for a call back and you’ve waited and waited..but it never happens? No one contacts you.

Also, I know I have on occasion (as customer experience is what I do), filled in a feedback questionnaire, and, when asked ‘would I recommend the company to others’, have deliberately scored them low – just to see if they come back to me, to find out why. And they don’t! Or, on another purchase for Insurance I’ve just made when they’ve asked the loyalty question: ‘How likely are you to refer..’ the answers were just Yes/No! No place for me to explain, no way of them gaining a positive (or negative) score – just a basic yes or no.

You’ve gone to all that trouble to build your website, to market your brand – and then, when you’ve had an enquiry, you ignore it! Am I likely to try you again or will I go to a competitor?

And/or you’ve gone to all that trouble to gain that all important feedback from your customers but what good is it if you don’t do anything with it?

These scenarios should be basic business common sense:

  • If you get a lead – act on it, even if it’s just a quick holding email to acknowledge receipt if you’re busy, and then respond in full later (but don’t forget!)

  • Gaining feedback is so important for every business but do it right. Make sure you ask why the customer feels as they do, go into detail. Get that meaningful feedback so that you can truly drive improvements within your business. And get back to your customers, let them know you’re listening.

If you want to improve the experience you deliver; if you want it to be truly neutral and independent, then drop us a message and we will arrange a free consultation.

Every project we work on is completely tailored to your individual requirements, but all with the same aim. To gain that important feedback to help drive your business forward.

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