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CX Matters was born in 2020 with a single mission: to help businesses of any size deliver memorable customer experience and excel. 

Founded by Sharon Clapp, a customer experience professional with many years in the industry, we provide a personal, hands-on approach that make us feel like an extension of your team.

Based in the South-West of England, Sharon felt that there was a multitude of customer experience consultancies based in London and the larger cities, all whom offer a viable service, but who mainly cater for larger corporations. The smaller companies, micro business' and one-man bands, who all have a requirement and hunger to deliver an exemplary customer experience, are often forgotten.

Every client is unique, so we approach each project individually to develop customised strategies that will work for you. That's why you won't find a rigid price plan on our website—so we can tailor our services to your exact needs. 

We also work with strategic partners to offer training; HR consultancy; company customer experience awards, and individual customer experience accreditations.

Want to hear more? Let's grab a coffee and chat—we would love to work with you.